When new clients or potential employees look up CodigoDelSur, we get a lot of comments on our robust company culture. They remark on our amazing staff events, our creative offices, and, yes, won't let us forget that one time we jumped on the bandwagon and did the Harlem shake.

But why do we go out of our way to build a company that's as fun as it is prosperous? Because many businesses overlook the importance of company culture — but not the successful ones. Company culture has a profound impact on employees' everyday experience in the office, and if employees aren't comfortable in the workplace, the mental strain is enough to drive them to leave.

According to Diversity In Tech, nearly half of employees from the ages of 18 to 28 working in IT or tech wanted to leave their job because the company culture made them feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. However, at CodigoDelSur, we know it is possible to create a company culture where employees feel welcome and excited to work every day. It starts with defining your company values and constructing a healthy environment for your staff.

What Is Company Culture?

As millennials take over the workplace and Gen Z follows behind them, it has become increasingly evident that old-school corporate culture is out of style. Simply put, a company's culture stems from the mission, core values, attitudes, behaviors, and expectations shared by the entire staff. And when running any kind of business, especially in the high-burnout realm of tech, company culture can be just as influential as branding. Essentially, our company brand is what consumers see, while our company culture is what employees experience daily.

In the past, company culture has always been a secondary concern, trailing behind priorities like profit and efficiency. However, millennials have made it clear that they want to work for companies with a vibrant sense of company culture. They want employers that hold similar values, provide excellent perks, and encourage collaboration. At a glance, company culture may seem inconsequential, but establishing a solid company culture is proven to lower the cost of hiring by 43% and reduce employee turnover.

Many tech companies strive to create a more positive company culture by offering various benefits. In fact, many people are interested in working in the tech industry specifically to experience the phenomenal workplace culture popularized by companies in Silicon Valley. However, there's more to healthy company culture than benefits like on-site acupuncture and catered lunches. (Though we wouldn't say no to either.)

Creating a strong company culture is about how employees feel about going to work, their daily social interactions with colleagues, and the values that are evident throughout our workplaces. A solid company culture doesn't just develop magically without any thought or planning. As tech companies, we must accurately assess our company culture and make calculated efforts to instill our most important values throughout the infrastructure of the workplace.

Assessing Our Company Culture

Despite the importance of company culture, most organizations don't begin with the foresight to create a long-term strategy for growth. Very few companies do this because it requires confidence that your business will survive and expand for the long term. Like almost everything else in business, it begins with conviction and self-belief. And when our companies hit a period of rapid expansion, it's the prime time to assess the culture being created.

So, how do we do it? Yes, we can perform a very official-sounding "company culture audit," but it's much more efficient to simply examine the workplace environment ourselves. We can take note of how our employees are performing, what they seem to value, their typical behaviors, and the social structure developing naturally within our company. All of these are symptomatic of a larger company culture.

Of course, it can be challenging to assess company culture when we're a part of it. So we try to observe our company culture as if we were outsiders. We pay close attention to our employee's emotional states, how they're handling conflict, and whether they have growing concerns. We always want to make sure that employees feel content and supported, or it's time to make adjustments within our company.

What Makes a Great Company Culture

Some brands think it's impossible to compete with the tempting perks at tech giants like Facebook or Google. We tend to disagree. Even if we're running a small or medium-sized business, there's more to creating a company culture than providing costly benefits. In fact, when it comes to creating a positive work environment, small businesses have an advantage over large corporations. Companies on the smaller side find it easier to build a strong sense of community and teamwork. Just ask our developers!

Atmosphere of Excellence

We all want to enjoy a positive company culture, and that starts with creating an atmosphere of excellence that inspires staff to perform with their best effort. By working in an environment that promotes and rewards stellar performance, our employees respond to clients' needs with the utmost respect and creativity. Creating a workplace that encourages employees to improve themselves adds a sense of greatness to everything they do. It also impresses with the quality of work, and happy clients mean a happy business.

Clarity of Company Values

Of course, touting our deep company values doesn't mean much if our employees don't understand and connect with them. When it comes to sharing and communicating these values, there's no time like the present. Now is the chance to define these values and ensure that employees know precisely what they are. We should strive to create company values that are unique, align with our vision statement, and are easy to remember. Furthermore, company owners and management should embody these attributes. We all love a good role model, and higher-ups can set the tone for the entire work environment.

Constructive Conflict Resolution

In a healthy work environment, employees in all different departments can voice their concerns without facing backlash. There should never be retaliation or gossiping when someone speaks up. Learning to deal with conflict in a healthy way is a part of life. So for a positive company culture that lasts, employees (and employers) should handle conflict in a way that preserves relationships between coworkers.


Studies have shown that 50% of women in the tech industry have experienced discrimination. In addition, white and Asian men dominate the tech industry as a whole. However, this is not conducive to healthy company culture — or a creative one.

A workplace can only be considered truly diverse when employees of all races, ages, genders, religions, and nationalities can coexist comfortably. Inclusivity and diversity means a safe space for your employees that upholds a positive company image. Furthermore, a diverse company culture also fosters incredible creativity and brainstorming, allowing people from different backgrounds and perspectives to collaborate and find unique ways to solve problems.

The Benefits of a Healthy Company Culture

The benefits of a strong company culture extend far beyond a happier workplace. (Though we are definitely happier for having it.) An article from Harvard Business Review states that 65% of employees would take lower pay rather than work in a poor environment. It is only natural that the company culture we cultivate affects the bottom line as well. A strong company culture benefits the entire organization, letting us enjoy the following advantages.

Better Productivity

Companies with a strong culture have a much higher productivity rate than those that do not. Currently, over 85% of all workers are not engaged in the workplace. But when workers enjoy a healthy company culture, their productivity, focus, and participation increase. The best company culture practices increase efficiency with opportunities to develop skills and ensure employees have a safe space to speak about their ideas.

Higher Employee Retention

When employees have a strong sense of camaraderie and contentment, it decreases their likelihood of looking for another job. And high turnover rates aren't just costly — they also reduce productivity, employee engagement, and success. That's why we value a positive company culture. We want to ensure that our staff members are fulfilled in their jobs and happy to continue their journey as part of our team.

Better Reputation

As a bonus, a well-established company culture also has a positive impact on a company's reputation. (Though the jury's still out on whether the Harlem Shake did more harm than good.) Company culture affects so much more than our employees. The culture of our company also dictates the quality of service that clients or customers receive. And when clients can see that we respect our workers, they have a more positive feeling about working with us. After all, no one wants to partner with some heartless corporate machine. A warm company culture lets you share your humanity with both employees and clients alike.

Greater Employee Fit

When a potential candidate is looking for their next job, they typically look for companies that share their values and passions. So if we want to attract rockstar employees, we have to let them know that we are also a rockstar company.

The Outstanding Company Culture at CodigoDelSur 

CodigoDelSur is not your average tech company. Our company culture shines through in everything from the office building itself to our values and day-to-day interactions with one another.

At CodigoDelSur, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment filled with innovation, creativity, and curiosity. From the moment you step into our converted vintage-modern mansion, you feel inspired. Our offices' classic, sophisticated architecture is complemented by contemporary video art pieces reminiscent of technology from a post-apocalyptic future.

Even more importantly, the company culture we've created at CodigoDelSur thrives on collaboration that constantly pushes for the horizon. Our team of 100 plus designers and coders is committed to furthering their education and applying that knowledge in new, exciting ways. At CodigoDelSur, we have created a space where our team feels a strong camaraderie with plenty of employee perks and opportunities to express themselves creatively through technology.

It's no wonder that our company culture has led our team to create many of the top mobile apps available today, along with websites for well-known companies worldwide. 

At CodigoDelSur, we're always waiting to welcome that next stand-out member to our team. Is it you? If you're interested in joining a company culture like no other, take a look at our current job postings and get in touch today!