Are you investing too much money in software development locally, or having a hard time finding the right developers to join your team? Whatever the reason, outsourcing software development to other countries could be a great option for your company. While assessing that option, you may encounter lots of countries that could be a good fit, but here we will tell you why Uruguay will be an excellent fit!

These are just a few things that stand out about our country:

  1. Convenient time zone: the time zone in Uruguay is GMT-3, which makes a 2-hour difference from the EST area, and only 1 hour in the summer. This is a great advantage over areas like Asia or Europe, where the time difference is much higher. This is super important when it comes to communication and productivity.
  2. Growing industry: each year the software industry in Uruguay gets stronger, having around 700 software companies and counting! In addition, Uruguay is the leading software exporter per capita in Latin America, and the third worldwide.
  3. Advanced English: Uruguay has one of the highest English levels among Latin American countries, so communication between US clients and Uruguayan developers is not an issue.
  4. Great connectivity: according to UruguayXXI, “Uruguay is the most advanced Latin American country in ICT development. It has the highest fiber optic Internet penetration in homes and businesses, the most affordable price for Internet access, and is among the countries with the highest download speeds in the region. It also has one of the best Data Centers in Latin America (with TIER 3 certification and awarded as the best in Latin America in 2016) and several underwater cable systems with connection points in Argentina, Brazil and the United States (the latter with high capacity)”.
  5. Competitive rates: average salaries in Uruguay are much lower than those of the US, which allows companies to have a lower rate compared to American rates. Still, if you are looking for the cheapest rates, this is not the place. 
  6. Great education: with the One Laptop Per Child program every child can have access to a computer from an early age. Also, schools and universities are free for everyone, resulting in a high education rate.