Do you have an amazing idea that you think could solve the world? Well, maybe not the world, but at least some typical issues that we face every day? Good enough!

All you need to do is start researching and find the perfect development agency to help you build your app. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds, right? You go online, start looking, and you are overwhelmed with the number of agencies you can find all across the globe. What now? How can you choose the right one?

Here are some things to keep in mind when making such a big decision:

  1. Take a look at their website: if they do this for a living and their website is not awesome, you don’t want to hire them. We’ve all heard that “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”, but I wouldn’t take the risk!
  2. Check their reviews online: this is the most important piece of information you will find. Try to put yourself in their shoes when reading the review. Sometimes a client pays attention to things you wouldn’t notice or vice versa, so read as many reviews you can find to make sure you know everything about the company.
  3. Pay attention to their location and their working hours. You don’t want to have a 12-hour difference with the country the agency is in no matter how amazing it is because it’s going to be too difficult for you to be involved in meetings and daily decisions.
  4. Check if they have specific experience working with projects similar to yours. Any company can build your product, but a company that has worked with similar projects knows more about that specific industry and can help not only with development but with other aspects of your app.

Hope this helps, and stay tuned for more information!