By Nicolás

Being away for tech training has the advantage of getting to know cool places, this time San Francisco! Just to give you a quick overview of what we experienced there, here you can find the top 5 things we loved about this trip:

5- Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by bike

Seeing the bridge and the amazing view from it is an outstanding experience but you can’t imagine the adrenaline of crossing it by bike! The astonishing blend of the deafening noise of traffic, the wind that makes you struggle for moving forward and the super sporty cyclists who pass by at extreme speeds risking the annoying tourists’ lives is what makes this experience absolutely unforgettable! Renting a bike to tour Crissy Field and its surroundings definitely was an awesome call.

4- Urbanity-Nature Mix

On my day off, I walked to Powell station to take the classic Cable Car, a MUST attraction for anyone visiting San Francisco. On my way there, I could see the giant buildings amongst which I could notice the HQ of Linkedin and the enormous Salesforce tower. It only takes 15 minutes by train to visit Crissy Field and its enormous parks and beaches. This is the perfect place for nature lovers, as it allows you to go surfing, mountain biking, hiking and plenty of other outdoor sports. San Francisco allows you to go from city to nature in just minutes!

3- Tech- stuff for tech- guys

Being a tech-lover, and we indeed are, San Francisco will have you captivated. HeadQuarters of great companies (Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Pinterest, etc) are just around the corner. The tech atmosphere is ubiquitous, be it in programming conversations among pedestrians or tech solutions ads on the street. It’s regular to see phrases like "Scale Instantly! ", "The best code repository for your team!" or "World biggest Redis conference" on bus stops or subway wagons.

2- Food

There is a limitless variety of restaurants to choose from: Chinatown and Little Italy offer their typical dishes and we can find an infinity of food trucks, "Argentine empanadas", etc. At Pier 39 is Fisherman’s Wharf, where we enjoyed fresh seafood, Dungeness crab and a not-to-miss clam chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl!

1- The Workshop

Last but not least, the workshop. We went to the  Advanced React.js of today and tomorrow workshop with the expectation of meeting Ryan Florence, a referent in the React community, co-creator of ReactRouter -one of the most used components in the React ecosystem- who has tons of experience delivering training and talks.  The workshop took place over two days in San Francisco, CA. Ryan was an engaging teacher and  the workshop was more than interesting, to say the least, covering the following items:

  • Component Composition
  • Extending React
  • Compound Components
  • React Context You Can Use
  • Higher Order Components
  • Render Props
  • Accessible Components
  • React Call/Return
  • React Async Rendering and Data Loading

Some key takeaways from the workshop can be found in our article “The main things I learned at the Advanced React.js workshop at San Francisco!