Some more MAD Skills at CodigoDelSur

Following the spirit of the Android Development Team, we would like to help the community by naming some of the many tools / libraries that we recommend at CodigoDelSur:

  1. Firebase: The entire Firebase platform has come a long way since its inception. Being backed up directly by Google, and offering a wide range of tools, it has proven invaluable when building, monitoring and growing our apps. Analytics, Crashlytics, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, you named it, there is something for everyone in this amazing tool suite.
  2. Retrofit: If your app needs to hit a REST API, you just can't go wrong with Retrofit. Its ease of use and robustness has never failed us. No matter what library you use to handle asynchronous code, there is sure to be a Retrofit adapter that takes it into consideration.
  3. Moshi: Perfect for parsing JSON responses from your REST API. Also works really well when paired with Retrofit.
  4. Room: Storing / retrieving information from the local SQLite database has never been easier than with this Jetpack Library. Taking a lot of inspiration from the annotations processor found in libraries such as Retrofit, the Google team has crafted a library that is both easy to use and effective. 
  5. Glide: Chances are, you probably have images stored in your API, Amazon S3, or any other remote source. Loading, caching and displaying them within your app can be done easily using Glide.