By Juan Andrés

This newsletter is a summary of the latest news in the React world and a place to showcase noteworthy React developments made in CodigoDelSur.

React Suspense is an addition to React that can simplify developer's lives when dealing with async rendering. For example, when dealing with network requests, refreshing data and keeping tabs on spinners, things can spiral out of control really easily. With React Suspense we can fine tune our rendering flow, and it even exposes new primitives to have even more power.

  • Andrew Clark: React Suspense: A great talk by  Andrew Clark, explaining the context in which React Suspense is most useful and different ways in which it can improve a typical codebase.
  • React Suspense for the layman: A simple explanation on how React Suspense works, with a really simple example to get the basics right.
  • Understanding React Suspense: An article with a detailed description of how React Suspense can benefit applications, together with a live demo and a description of how the new primitives can be used.

A project's structure can be one of the most important decisions. Scalability, modularity, ease of use, clarity, and flexibility are aspects that must be thoroughly reviewed before embarking on a new project. These two articles can shed light on two different approaches, but there is no silver bullet for this problem, and each project will present a combination of unique problems to prioritize and solve.

  • Fractal — A react app structure for infinite scale: Using fractals, this author details a project structure that can work for projects of any scale. While some may consider it to be verbose, it can be useful for projects in which the scalability requirement is not clear, and especially useful when working on distributed teams.
  • Structuring projects and naming components in React: A more traditional approach on how to structure a project. It gives reasons for each decision and it works as a great starting point for developers to create their own customized project structure.

Two popular articles that summarize some aspects of React development that all developers should take into account.