Throughout our nearly 12-year history as a company, we’ve had the chance to work on projects in all kinds of industries, ranging from pretty standard to crazy breakthrough ideas that were ahead of their time. We take pride in the fact that we build products that are made to last, and this is something that becomes particularly important once companies have tested their idea in the market and their time comes to expand, thus kicking off the fundraising process.If you follow us on social media, by now you probably know we LOVE to talk about the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its importance as a tool to validate a business idea. While there are other key elements that will ultimately determine a company’s success - such as the founder’s resilience and their ability to deal with failure and rejection in the initial stages, as well as their capability of recruiting a top team to join them in the process - now and more than ever, we’ve come to believe that a good MVP builds the foundation a company needs to grow and scale.

When you’re standing on a solid product, the sky's the limit!You’re probably wondering about our reasons to make such a bold statement, and trust us, we have many. We’ve been helping startups for more than a decade, and we’re very lucky to have several success cases in our ranks by now - and that number keeps on growing! Let’s take a look at a few examples below:

  • Litify - we started working with them on their initial stages, going from idea to version 1 of the product. They recently went through a funding round and obtained $50 million dollars.
  • DroneDeploy - One of the leading drone software companies in the world, DroneDeploy managed to secure $56 million in funding since they began operations in 2013.
  • Skout - We helped Skout take their initial MVP to the next level, amassing a whopping 200 million subscribers. They were able to secure $22 million in funding before they were acquired by MeetMe in 2016.
  • Logoworks - A graphic design company based in New York, they received almost $10 million in funding on their first round.
  • Kindara - a leader in the healthcare space, Kindara built a platform that enables women to take control of their fertility. They secured more than $8 million dollars in funding before they were acquired in 2018.

Considering these numbers, as well as the large list of companies we’ve helped that have taken part in smaller funding rounds (earning approximately 100k each), it is safe to say we’ve collaborated with startups that have obtained nearly 250 million dollars in funding.Even though starting a new venture always implies a big deal of work on many different aspects, if you’re planning to start your path in the startup world you should never underestimate the importance of a solid foundation. Feel free to check out some of our other resources for founders, such as our guide to building a top-performing MVP and our tips on how to deliver an awesome pitch to potential investors. We trust these will come in handy as you start your entrepreneurial journey!