September, October, and November were all about Silicon Valley🦄✨. A truly contagious environment of enthusiasm, business focus, and innovation.

▶Wanna know more about current tech trends, tips for pitching & growth hacking, the latest in the UAV industry, RubyConf and more? Here are some of our main takeaways from this trip. Let's go!

Startup like a boss!

As knowledge is to be shared, we want to extend to you some useful startup hacks we learned from visits to venture capitals, incubators and accelerators such as our partners Founder Institute, the Urban Innovation Fund and Tumml; as well as 500 Startups and Draper University.

We all know that being a Startup founder can be challenging but raising funds and expanding their business can be pivotal, so here are two articles on Pitching and Growth Hacking!


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Silicon Valley Vibes

At CodigoDelSur we love working with innovative Startups, and is there a better place to meet the coolest and most creative founders than in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, the city where scooters, bikes, and even flying taxis are said to be likely to replace uber in no time?

In case you missed it, here are some of the hot topics you really need to get updates about:

Office design & employee motivation

This year, our office was selected as one of the 10 World's Coolest Offices of 2018, along with Instagram, Bumble and L'Oreal!

There are many reasons to have a cool office and the most important is keeping your team motivated. Clutch wrote an article on this, we think could come in handy. Read it here!

Wanna know more about how we conceptualized our awesome workspace so it would encourage creativity and concentration? You can find the story on How we designed our new CodigoDelSur home.

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We attended the UAV Commercial Expo inLas Vegas!



We attended the UAV Commercial Expo in Las Vegas where we along with over 2300 attendants caught up with the latest trends and products of this thriving industry. The 250+ stands included companies presenting:

  • Their latest UAV products
  • Various components such as cameras and sensors
  • Software
  • Services for the UAV industry such as legal, insurance, training.

Throughout all the conferences held, products were presented for diverse sectors such as agriculture, mining, construction, insurance, public security, first aid and plot mapping.One of the most innovative products was Naviator, a drone for aerial and underwater inspection. DroneDeploy also presented its Thermal Live Map software.

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We attended RubyConf in LA!

RubyConf 2018 was awesome!

💎 Though Ruby remains very strong, it hasn’t been the most popular choice lately. Matz addressed this on his keynote, of course, linking it to the “Peak of Inflated Expectations” of the hype cycle. Wanna understand what he means by that? Will that happen to your favorite language? Check it out here.

💎 As for our LA RubyConf experience, the Ruby community is very kind and welcoming, as highlighted during the conference as one of its best assets but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what Ben Halpern has to say about this, he claims to have the data to prove it.

💎 Koichi Sasada and Takashi Kokubun talks gave us a glimpse of what we can expect for Ruby in terms of performance improvements in the near future, and how Ruby will deliver the 3x3 promise!

💎 Q&A with Matz made clear that the community cares about typing. So many dynamic languages started adding typing that Ruby feels like left behind in this sense. Matz said that Ruby will incorporate some kind of typing, but he dislikes type annotations, so Ruby’s solution will be probably based on tooling. Check out Stripe’s for a nifty typing solution you can start using today!