Gone are the days where companies could settle for a mediocre website with a few blurbs of information and overused stock images. In 2022, your website is the modern storefront for your business. It’s the first place potential customers or clients will go to find out more about your company and determine the credibility of your business. 

A poorly designed or outdated website can wreak havoc on your company. When visitors have difficulties navigating your website, completing purchases, and making inquiries, you can expect visitors to abandon your company in favor of a more easily accessible competitor.

Luckily, web designers and developers can help you create an aesthetically pleasing website that is sure to convert. A successful website will attract eager visitors, educate people about your products or services, and encourage visitors to provide contact information for a long-lasting relationship with your company. Does this sound like a distant dream? If your site is experiencing the issues below, it may be time for a professional website redesign.

1. Your Site Has Issues with UX/UI Consistency

A web designer’s ultimate goal is to create a visually appealing website that encourages an engaging user experience while making it simple for visitors to complete necessary tasks — thereby increasing your conversion rate. However, many novice UI/UX designers overemphasize the look of a website at the cost of usability, or rush their design process. As a result, visitors experience difficulties navigating the website, creating frustration instead of brand excitement.

When a website’s UI/UX design is consistent, all of the user interface elements are clear, recognizable, and uniform. This allows users to navigate throughout the website without confusion. If all of the buttons on your website are different or your headers are not the same, it may be time for a website redesign.

2. Your Website Builds a Confusing Customer Journey

Studies show that 8 out of 10 consumers are willing to pay more for an improved customer experience, proving that user-centric design is critical to remain competitive in the digital landscape. A good customer journey leads to higher levels of customer loyalty. As a result, your company will experience increased revenue and reduced lead generation costs.

Signs that visitors are experiencing challenges on their customer journey include many abandoned carts or abandoned inquiries. If customers don’t understand how to checkout, you can’t expect them to complete a purchase. In addition, a convoluted inquiry process will create dissatisfaction and damage consumer loyalty.

Streamline your customer journey as much as possible with intuitive menu layouts, easy access to your customer service team, and a checkout process that involves the fewest steps possible. 

3. Your Customer Service Team Is Overwhelmed

If your brand is growing, there’s no doubt that your customer service team is swamped with demands, no matter what industry you are in. But as we’ve just observed, smooth customer service is key to client satisfaction and retention.

Luckily, we have chatbots that can elevate the overall customer experience and allow your customer service team to divert their efforts towards more critical tasks.

Chatbots are more capable than you may initially think. Essentially, chatbots identify the user’s request and respond accordingly. The chatbot’s response may include something like the following:

  • Preset text
  • Text retrieved from a knowledge base that contains different answers
  • Information based on data the user has provided
  • A question that helps the chatbot understand the user’s request

If your customer service team is spending too much time answering repetitive, simple questions, consider implementing chatbots to increase your team’s productivity while keeping customers happy.

4. Your Aesthetics Are Outdated

Even if your website functions correctly, poor aesthetics are a surefire way to decrease your conversion rate. From the moment visitors finish loading your website, they’ve already formed an opinion about the trustworthiness and credibility of your business. If you don’t have an eye for design, it may be challenging for you to discern whether or not your website’s design is up-to-date, but if you haven’t refreshed your design recently, you’re likely in need of an upgrade. Given the rapid pace at which technology changes, most websites only remain relevant for about three years.

5. Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

The most successful brands can stand out from their competitors in an authentic manner through consistent evolution and expansion. But if you haven’t updated your website, it may not reflect your company's growth. An outdated website that fails to display the scope of your work is a missed opportunity to sell your value. Companies expand and evolve each year, so consider whether or not the aesthetics and content of your website are in alignment with the work that your company is currently doing.

It may be in your best interest to seek the assistance of experienced UX/UI designers and web developers who can work their magic to craft a website that expresses your company’s story in a powerful way. It takes more than a list of statistics and stock photos to create a compelling brand story — creating a website that aligns with your company requires an artful mix of visuals, UX/UI design, and exquisite copywriting.

6. Your Web Design Lacks Originality 

Does your website look like a carbon copy of your competitors? If your layout, brand colors, and design choices are too similar to the competition, establishing your company as a leader in your industry will be much more challenging. Your website should reflect your company’s unique point of view, even if you’re offering the same services as another company. Otherwise, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

A simple way to see if your competitors are outperforming you is to check their search engine rankings. If they rank above you, it is certainly time to upgrade your website. In addition, when a competitor's website loads more quickly than yours, it implies that their website is organized in a much better fashion. You can determine the speed at which your website loads using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. If your website is taking too long to load, customers will turn elsewhere. So it may be time to reorganize and refresh your site.

7. Your Site’s Not Optimized for Mobile Use 

It is no longer optional for companies to optimize their website for mobile use. Mobile users comprise about 60% of web traffic, and many people access the web using their mobile devices more often than they use computers. A website optimized for mobile use is now an essential element of creating an accessible and enjoyable brand experience.

Please note, there is a difference between having a mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized website. A mobile-friendly website will display correctly on a small screen and function adequately. However, mobile optimization takes this a step further, not only ensuring that the website appears small enough to work on mobile devices but also reformatting the website to make it easier for users to navigate. A mobile-optimized website will also optimize the images as needed in accordance with the screen size and display larger navigation buttons, making your mobile customer journey smooth and easy.

8. You Have a Low Conversion Rate and High Bounce Rate

If your conversion rate is low and your bounce rate is high, this means that visitors aren’t finding the information they need on your website. Ask yourself what seems to be the reason for this. Is the information on your website unclear? Are visitors struggling to navigate your website? You can turn to Google Analytics to find out your bounce rate.

A bounce rate is deemed high if it is in the 70s or higher. Combine this with low conversion rates, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Consider working with professional web designers and developers who understand how to optimize your website for a higher conversion rate and lower bounce rates to increase your company’s revenue and create a better customer experience.

Create Your Best Website Yet with CodigoDelSur

Studies have shown that 88% of online consumers are unlikely to return to a website on which that had a poor experience, and who can blame them? Consumers want to engage with websites that are both beautiful and easy to understand. A lackluster website can spell disaster, even if you have a wonderful business model. Support your company and provide visitors with an excellent customer experience for long-term success.

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