Have you ever noticed that some websites can keep you engaged for countless hours while others are simply frustrating to use? A surefire way to disappoint potential customers is by creating a website or app with a poor user experience design. When visitors to your website cannot identify action items, it can negatively impact both your brand’s image and sales. User experience (UX) or user interface (UI) design is a critical component to the overall success of a website or app.

With the help of professional UX/UI designers, businesses can increase their revenue, improve search engine rankings, build credibility and keep their customers engaged with their content. In a time where more people shop online than ever before, thoughtful UX/UI design is vital to ensuring that your brand creates valuable, engaging user experiences. If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of working with a UX/UI design agency, read on.

What Is UI/UX Design?

User experience (UX) refers to a visitor's experience when they use an app or a website. Therefore, UX design is focused on creating an easy, enjoyable experience for users when they interact with a digital product. In our increasingly complex digital environment, consumers expect to interact with apps and websites that function correctly. UX design tools help you create digital products or services that support your customers’ needs and foster the expansion of your business.

Why Is UI/UX Important?

The power of UI/UX design lies in its ability to separate profitable websites and mobile apps from mediocre ones. In some cases, high-quality UI/UX design is the determining factor of a company’s success. Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia attributes UX design for taking their company from near-failure to a $10 million valuation.

And this anecdote from Airbnb isn’t mere opinion. There are concrete benefits to UI/UX design that make it crucial to creating effective websites and mobile apps.

1. UX Design Increases Your Conversion Rate

If potential customers can choose between two websites that are offering similar products or services, it is only natural that consumers will choose the website that is the most visually appealing and easy to navigate. In fact, studies have shown that a well-designed user experience can increase the conversion rate up to 400%.

Even customers that aren’t tech-savvy appreciate a website that is easy to navigate. In fact, they may appreciate it more! The more intuitive and user-friendly the interface, the wider an audience your app or website is prepared to welcome. On the flip side, a website that customers struggle to navigate is unlikely to be successful, as visitors quickly get frustrated and take their traffic — and their business — elsewhere.

What’s more, a thoughtfully designed website can significantly boost your visitors’ subconscious willingness to purchase your products or services. When you can facilitate a premium user experience with UI/UX design, it communicates professionalism and increases the credibility of your business. Furthermore, a well-planned customer journey can seamlessly guide customers through a straightforward and obstacle-free checkout process, which leads to an increased conversion rate.

2. UX Improves Your SEO Ranking

In addition to increasing your conversion rate, a UX designer can support your online presence and help your website jump to the top of the search results. The combination of strategic search engine optimization (SEO) and UX design can drive traffic to your website while increasing the likelihood that visitors will choose your services or products over the competition.

Search engines are getting smarter by the minute, and their evaluation and ranking of websites has become deeply nuanced. Knowledge of UX design can vastly improve your SEO because search engines can recognize the pathways and architecture that underpin your website. So by crafting a logical and easy-to-use user experience, you also show search engines that your site has the authority and organization they value.

It’s only natural that every company wants a website that performs with a top ranking when potential customers turn to a Google search. And including high-quality UX/UI design as part of your SEO planning increases the likelihood that your website will skyrocket to the top page of results on search engines.

3. UX Creates Trust and Credibility

Nowadays, customers like to research a service or product online to develop a sense of trust before completing a purchase. However, credibility takes time to establish, and increasing customer engagement can be challenging for any company, especially one that has not been in business for very long.

If you’re interested in cultivating trust with your customers, you must give them a reason for choosing your company over competitors when they visit your website. Because as much as we may say “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” customers will immediately judge your business by the appearance and functionality of your site or app.

Don’t mess up your first impression. Perceived credibility has a profoundly positive — or negative — impact on your business’s ability to generate sales. Fortunately, with the assistance of well-versed UX designers, you can improve your overall customers’ experience with your brand, improving public opinion, client retention, and loyalty over time.

4. UX Design Stimulates Word-of-Mouth

When UX designers can increase customer loyalty and drive traffic to a website, word-of-mouth advertising is a natural by-product of their services. Simply put, word-of-mouth marketing occurs when people share information about a service or product with their friends and acquaintances. Word-of-mouth is basically the opposite of a paid promotion — it is, in a sense, the purest form of organic marketing.

So, what does this have to do with UX/UI design? Skilled UX designers have a profound understanding of the power of social sharing, which is the modern, digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. For example, a thoughtful UX designer knows when and where to display links to a brand’s social media accounts. They may even get creative in the ways they drive site visitors to follow the brand across channels. Proper UX design facilitates any and all social integrations that allow businesses to expand their audience.

5. UX Design Engages Customers

In the competitive digital market, it’s not enough for a website or app to be simply adequate. Users want to connect with a brand and feel inspired. This is why you need engaging, aspirational content.

This can involve various elements. Essentially, anything that users can see on a web page or mobile app is referred to as content, including images, videos, text, and advertisements. Expert UX designers understand the art of leveraging various design elements to ensure that users are moved to interact with your content. At the beginning of the design process, UX designers create detailed user personas of people that are most likely to use the app or website. These personas resemble real people, with personal information, biographies, and their motivations for using a website, which helps businesses enhance user experiences and reach their target audience.

With a clear audience in mind, UX designers utilize personalization by creating websites and applications that show content that is relevant to their target demographics.For example, personalization may come in the form of carefully tailored verbiage or strategic product suggestions — a powerful move, when 56% of people are more likely to return to a website that shows product recommendations.

As the icing on the cake, experienced UX designers also use their expertise to leverage the power of consistency by capitalizing on designs that users are accustomed to seeing. At first glance, consistency may seem like a drawback in creative design. But in UX, consistency can help your site benefit from customers’ habits by implementing familiar features, like keeping menus on the left side and links to complete a sale on the right. When presented with these designs, customers instinctively know how to navigate your site from their very first visit. And when all of these techniques work together in harmony, the strength of your UX design increases customer engagement.

6. Increased Revenue

Our sixth and final benefit of UX design stems directly from the first five, and is perhaps the most important: increased revenue.

Studies have shown that businesses that regularly improve their UI/UX design earn an additional $10 to $100 for every dollar they spend. Why? Because as we’ve seen, quality UX design improves the overall customer experience to increase a brand’s credibility and encourage customers to recommend a service or product to other people. In addition, customers will have a much easier experience navigating a business’s website, which will reduce obstacles in the buyer journey and ensure that customers are less likely to abandon a company in favor of competitors. 

The growing industry emphasis on UX design proves that potential customers place a high value on a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and visually pleasing. 75% of people judge a website based on its overall aesthetic, and a website or app that is easy to use directly impacts a company’s ability to sell. Clear calls to action and an easy path for customers to achieve their goals can increase sales up to 60%.


Ultimately, the primary goal of UX design is to create websites and apps that focus on intuitive navigation while simplifying the processes for customers to complete purchases, subscribe to email lists, or create accounts. But not just anyone can put together the right look and functionality. For the most effective UX/UI design, it’s in every business owner's best interest to work with a team of professionals who have proven their ability to create engaging, innovative, and functional user interface solutions.

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