When you're ready to develop a mobile app or website for your business and take your company to the next level, you need to create a team that can get the job done right. Many business owners struggle with the decision over whether to hire an in-house development team or utilize a third-party development agency. While it may be tempting to create an in-house team, it simply doesn't compare to the benefits of hiring a qualified development agency.

Hiring an in-house team is costly, time-consuming, and can make it more challenging to find employees that are capable of delivering stellar results. Working with an established development agency will ensure that your project has a customized solution, complete with specialists in each area necessary to create a functional, engaging digital project. Development agencies have the power to provide your business with UI/UX design, immaculate code, and engaging mobile applications, all in one place.

The Disadvantages of Hiring an In-House Team

Companies are often drawn to the idea of hiring an in-house development team because it grants them complete autonomy over the creation of their digital project. It also gives the company the opportunity to develop tech employees who have an up-close and personal understanding of the company’s culture. However, hiring an in-house team often requires an excessive amount of time and financial resources to ensure that all goes smoothly. Before hiring an in-house team, weigh the following disadvantages.

1. Finding Qualified Employees Is Time-Consuming and Expensive

The primary disadvantage of hiring an in-house development team is the time and resources necessary to create a functional team. If you're interested in launching your app or website on a quick turnaround, it may not be in your company's best interest to hire an in-house team. To begin with, it takes time to interview and onboard each potential team member and develop a cohesive group of qualified employees. Plus, a quick launch will require a large number of team members, and you may end up left with a slew of unnecessary employees by the time your app or website is complete. 

Furthermore, an in-house team can be significantly more expensive than working with an external team of developers. Of course, the greatest portion of this expense is the cost of salaries. However, the total cost also includes the resources required to house and equip your team for the job — including taxes, office rent, software, and hardware expenses. Hiring an in-house team will also place additional stress on your human resources department in the form of increased benefits, adequate training, and sick days. 

2. Experience Is Difficult to Find

Both web design and app development are highly specialized skill sets that take years or even decades of experience to master. Finding outstanding candidates can be challenging, especially in a competitive job market. And if your company and HR professionals aren’t well-versed in the requirements of the job, it may be all the more difficult to identify the right candidates with the abilities your project requires.

With an in-house team, there is also the potential to hit roadblocks if your project requires a skill set that your team lacks. In that case, you may need to go through the process of finding another candidate. In addition, you may also need to hire a new team member if you decide to change the scope or plan for your project, creating additional delays in your launch timeline.

Most companies lack the resources to create a truly robust in-house team, so the group’s pool of experience and knowledge will be limited by the team's size. The project will take longer to complete with a small team and is unlikely to meet the same standards as that of a professional development agency.

3. Your Project Deserves Specialists

Creating a digital product requires many different areas of expertise to ensure that the final product is successful. With billions of websites and mobile applications jostling for users’ attention, your product must be exceptional to stand out amongst the competition. Then, to retain your audience, it must also function in a way that makes it easy for users to interact with. These kinds of considerations require specialists in various technological fields, from a master of UI/UX design to an amazing QA engineer that will help you identify and solve even the tiniest of bugs. 

When putting together an in-house team on a limited budget, it’s nearly impossible to include a specialist for every aspect of your project. As a result, most in-house teams are composed of jack-of-all-trade employees that dabble in each skill but may lack the in-depth technical knowledge to perform each task at the level required for optimal results. 

The Benefits of Working with a Development Agency

While many companies consider the primary benefit of working with a development agency to be the decreased costs, this is only the beginning. When you outsource the creation of your app or website to experienced developers, you can rest assured that the project is in good hands. It will save your company a vast amount of time and resources, while delivering a result that stands head and shoulders above basic, in-house design.

1. Development Agencies Have Access to Specialists

There's no doubt that an established online presence is critical for a successful business in modern times. It is the first place potential customers or clients will go to learn more about your company. Customers will most likely choose the business with an engaging, easy-to-use website. When you work with an experienced, dedicated web and app development agency, your company has access to a team of qualified professionals. Most development agencies have UI/UX designers, SEO professionals, and specialized developers who can easily discern the needs of your project, meet their objectives more quickly, and create premium results.

Development agencies build deep, multifunctional teams that can combine their skills to craft a responsive, polished product. While many people can learn to code, it requires years of experience and constant studying to keep up with advancing technology and understand the intricacies of designing up-to-date digital products that function correctly. By choosing to work with an expert development agency, you give yourself the latitude to benefit from a much broader talent pool with the most experienced and specialized professionals to get the job done right.

2. Development Agencies Can Provide the Appropriate Team Size and Oversight

Development agencies are accustomed to working on a wide variety of projects and can create a team that can best meet the needs of your project. Rather than hiring a multitude of developers and designers and then firing them as the needs of your project change, a development agency will ensure that the team size is scaled to the specification of your project. 

Plus, you will not need to take on the additional stress and responsibilities of managing an in-house team because the development agency's project manager will handle that task. They will take the initiative to regularly communicate with your company regarding your app or website's progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your vision comes to life, stress-free.

Not only does this outsourcing enable you to reduce your internal expenses, but it also allows you to allocate your team’s time towards other matters — such as expanding your business. 

3. Experts Are Familiar with a Variety of Projects

One issue that can arise when hiring in-house developers is a lack of expertise in certain projects. So even if that in-house team you painstakingly built finishes their first assignment with flying colors, they may not be as well-equipped to pursue the next project you hand them.

Because development agencies work with clients across industries on wildly different projects, many agency developers boast extensive portfolios and constantly evolving awareness of the latest technologies and trends. They are accustomed to creating stunning digital products day in and day out, making them ideal curators of a project that is both beautiful and functional — no matter how unique or experimental your concept may be.


These days, 94% of your website’s first impression is related to the design itself, making web development a crucial investment for brands and businesses in every field. And as for apps, people are spending more time on mobile applications than ever before. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the success of your digital project to chance. While hiring your own in-house development team is one option, it’s simply more efficient to outsource the work to a qualified development agency.

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