GoodFirms have listed CodigoDelSur in top 5 companies rendering fantastic mobile app development services to its clients in Uruguay.

About the Company

CodigoDelSur is an 11-year-old expert software, web and mobile app development company founded in Uruguay which is also called “The Silicon Valley of South America”. With their excellent English language skills, the company mostly provides leading digital products to US businesses and startups.

CodigoDelSur’s team is their biggest and most significant asset. They expand each year, welcoming great new projects and clients, as well as bright and intelligent team members. With more than 85 developers, their team is composed of highly skilled software, web, and mobile app developers. The developers together as a team have created more than 200 stellar applications so far.

Research Method of GoodFirms

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Performance Analysis’ Outline of CodigoDelSur at GoodFirms

  1. Mobile Development Services in Uruguay

CodigoDelSur has developed over 100 splendid mobile applications that are available at the App Store and Google Play which have reached to more than 200 million users. They have a dedicated team of mobile developers that breathe mobile technologies and have developed apps for medical, Drones, and social networking, plus many animations and games – to name a few. Their core mobile skills are focused on iOS, Android, Cordova (PhoneGap) and HTML5.

Here’s a Scorecard of CodigoDelSur’s Performance at GoodFirms:

One of the clients of CodigoDelSur has said a few words about the firm at GoodFirms:-

“We were very happy with the skills that CodigoDelSur brought to the table. They helped us understand our service better through their detailed research of our app and made the final product look better than we imagined. Patience, strong development skills, strong project management was what I liked about the company most.”  - Joseph Jaramillo owner at 909 Design

Looking at the raving review and amazing scorecard of CodigoDelSur, GoodFirms have positioned the firm among the top mobile app development companies in Uruguay.

  1. Android Development Services

CodigoDelSur’s Android apps have seen immense success. Their robust team is the advantage, ensuring in-house solutions throughout every step of the android app development process, from idea to design, and bug testing to final polishing. Their experience and expertise guarantee that the clients have the smoothest operation possible. They also assure that hurdles and complications don’t derail projects.

The company’s industry-best pricing is undoubtedly another major advantage, ensuring that even small and medium-sized companies can benefit from Android app development solutions without cracking the bank. Apart from this, what add as a benefit to the agency falls in EST +1 time zone that acts as flexibility between the team and clients. This time zone matches with the work hours of most of their clients, which eases the communication process as well as the work efficiency.

CodigoDelSur will soon arrive in the list of top Android app developers at GoodFirms with the way they provide android app development services.

  1. Web Development Services

At CodigoDelSur, creating websites from scratch is the challenge they thrill. They take care of client’s project from start to finish, including the graphic designs, programming, and Q&A.

Their team has extensive experience with client-side scripting and server-side coding. The firm can also develop Content Management Systems, which give clients the independence to improvise their website content at any time.

Their developers are experts in programming languages like ASP.NET, HTML, Ruby, PHP, Flex, Java, Angular.js, Node.js, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and C#, to name a few. Additionally, they have widespread experience with multiple frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.

For the front-end development, the agency masters in Swift iOS, Kotlin Android, React, and Angular whereas for the backend Node and Ruby on Rails. Not only has this, but the team has hands-on experience in using MongoDB and MySQL for database management. Such vivid experience in using latest technologies makes the agency fit for serving multiple requirements of the clients.

It’s this kind of dedication that makes CodigoDelSur one of the fastest rising web development companies across the globe.

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