North America's fastest-growing tech conference, took place in Toronto.

For those unfamiliar with the magnitude of the event, we can mention the participation of over 1,490 startups and more than 36,000 attendees from 118 countries, with networking activities and conferences featuring influential figures in the global tech community.

With Collision in focus, a delegation from CodigoDelSur, consisting of Lucía Facchin and Michael Rozenblum, departed for Toronto on Friday, June 23rd.

The team had clear objectives: several important scheduled meetings, a booth to host throughout the event, and the mission of expanding the company’s network.

According to the event organizers, Collision fulfills four main functions: networking, learning, lead generation, and exposure. Our participation has indeed hit the mark on each of these aspects.

Our team successfully held the scheduled meetings and established over a hundred new connections with promising projects.

To this day, we continue to follow up with each of them, and in several cases, we are already advancing in planning future collaborations.

As usual, we also reunited with old friends. Whether they were former clients or collaborators, these instances serve as opportunities to rekindle past connections. Representing a brand with 16 years in the industry means that with every step we take, we are carrying a legacy and benefiting from a track record that opens doors worldwide.

Last Monday, our team resumed activity in Montevideo, bringing back a lot of work from Toronto.

We appreciate everyone who crossed our path and engaged in friendly exchanges, and we continue working to represent the most advanced country in Latin America in the most important international forums.

For more and better experiences ahead!