The first edition of CUTI Business Forum, an event that aimed to bring together the many different players of Uruguay’s tech ecosystem, took place on November 5th, 2019. CodigoDelSur had the pleasure of not only being a diamond sponsor on this inaugural edition but also of providing workshops and talks to share our experience doing business in the North American market for more than a decade.

Speakers & workshops

The event’s main goal was to have business leaders, entrepreneurs, consulting firms and IT students gather to discuss the latest in technology trends, learn from world-class speakers and make new connections with like-minded individuals. In order to achieve this goal, CBF put together a line-up of outstanding international speakers, including J. Ryan Williams, Noah Mamet, Mike Hennessey and Tony Duckett, among others. A wide array of workshops were also organized for the audience, where speakers discussed several topics ranging from lead generation to sales techniques to enter the North American market, as well as product development for startups & trends in development.

Our part in the event

When we learned CBF was in the works, almost 6 months ago, we knew right then that we needed to be part of it. It wasn’t just a matter of exposing our brand to a local audience, which wouldn’t reap nearly as many benefits as it would to take part in an event held abroad, but it came down to our support for the local ecosystem, and our desire to encourage others to join the movement. That is precisely why we went for a diamond sponsorship, which gave us the possibility to organize two workshops to share some of our technical knowledge, as well as our experience generating business in the US.The topics we chose for the workshops were related to our key areas of expertise. Firstly, we thought sharing some insights on the latest trends for mobile development in 2020 would provide the audience with valuable knowledge they might not come across elsewhere. On the other hand, marketing teams rely heavily on deeplinks and the information they can gather by using them, which is also why we decided to discuss this topic. In order to appeal to a larger audience, we tried to keep both workshops as simple as possible by not using a lot of technical terms.

Apart from these workshops, our CEO took part in a conference panel with leaders from other companies, where they discussed their experience and lessons learned in the process of generating new clients in the US. Everyone in the panel had a different way of approaching things in that sense, so it was certainly an enriching experience for those who attended the talk.

We also had a booth there where we welcomed the general audience looking to learn more about our company and the kind of work we do.It is safe to say the event was a total success, and it has certainly paved the way for future editions, or even other similar events to be organized on a local level. We love the idea of seeing so many different stakeholders benefiting from sharing knowledge and experiences so that, together, we can take the industry to the next level.