Product Discovery phase

Whenever the idea of product development comes around, it’s important to go through a product discovery stage in order to ensure that the product to be developed is both usable and useful. It’s fundamental that you, as the product owner, are aware that your role in this process is paramount and that constant communication will be required.

The process starts by ​defining the problem ​the app you will develop is trying to solve. Here we will define the goals of the app, the process the users will have to follow in order to achieve such objectives, and then determine technical and usage details of this process. After this, consideration will be given to the optimization opportunities available.

Once this has been defined, the team will have to look for ​potential solutions to the problem​, meaning the set of features that will potentially help achieve the aforementioned objectives and select the preferred course of action. These potential solutions will be mapped out, portraying what the end-user will experience when using the app.

Finally, ​designing ​takes place and it’s possible to visualize the app. The app’s main screens will be designed, which will allow anyone to see how the app would function. The benefits of going through a product discovery stage include fewer in-between changes throughout the development process, avoiding potential conceptual problems, and having a clear guide towards the objectives of the app! This will result in a reduction of the development timeframe and budget.

The team required to carry out the product development stage is the following:

● Project Manager

● UX/UI designer